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behind the lens

Hi! I’m Jen, an Iowa native that feels fortunate to end up in Milwaukee, a city I’ve grown to truly love and adopted as my own.



I was gifted a DSLR camera by a generous and thoughtful friend (Hi Betsy!) who encouraged me to take my growing love of photography to the next level. I quickly hit the ground running by enrolling in photography courses, photographing every item in my apartment, and running social media photography for Barre Code where I am an instructor!

After mastering my initial photography goals I decided to take my newly developed skills to other candidates. I began practicing on my dog walking clients throughout Milwaukee. Serendipitously I was combining my newly found photography passion, my long-time love of dogs and my desire to explore all things Milwaukee!  In order to share my passions I decided to open an Instagram account - @dogsofmke.

For the initial launch I started with six dogs, which provided enough photos to start a decent Instagram feed. On day two of Dogs of MKE’s existence, my photo of George, a one-year-old Boston Terrier and dog walking client, was fortuitously reposted by @DearMKE. Instantly I had followers! Real followers! What followed has been an amazing journey connecting with Milwaukeeans, meeting their amazing dogs in unique parts of the city, and (my favorite) listening to their stories of how they become dog owners. I feel truly blessed that something that started as a photography project has grown to be so much more.

Once you have your favorite Milwaukee spot picked out, I invite you to connect with me so we can capture your furry friend’s unique personality.