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Wondering how to get
featured on the Dogs of MKE Instagram?


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Instagram feature photo shoots are now open to all! Secure a time slot by sending me an e-mail here.

Please note, due to strong demand for feature photo shoots, a $30 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a time slot. Other things you should know:

  • All feature photo shoots are scheduled on Sundays

  • The shoot will last approximately 15-30 mins

  • The Instagram feature will include about 8-12 of the best images from the shoot between the post and story. These photos will be available for purchase as a set once your dog has been posted.

  • These are dogs only! Looking to get some photos with your dog. Click here!

To discuss other photography options please visit the ‘Hire Me’ page.

Quick tips on location:

The location you choose should represent you, the dog owner, best. Past locations have included favorite Milwaukee bars, restaurants, stores, parks, and trails, or places with sentimental value. It also must be a unique location or unique perspective on a previously used location.